The Electrical Schools Complex in Kielce is the largest high school in the region. Nearly 1100 students study here in five professions at the technical school and three occupations at the industry school. These are:
– IT specialist,
– electronics technician,
– electrical technician,
– energy technician
– automatic technician.
In the next school year 2019/2020, a new training course will be created in line with the needs of the Labor Market – a programmer’s technician.
However, in the professional school the profession is won by future ones
– electricians,
– electronics
– electromechanics.
The patron of technical school and professional school is Ryszard Kaczorowski, the last President of the Republic of Poland in exile. Many graduates of ZSE work in the companies of the Świętokrzyskie region actively contributing to its economic development. The high level of education at ZSE is demonstrated by the results achieved by young people during external examinations (secondary school exam and vocational exam) as well as during olympiads and competitions. In order to ensure proper preparation of charges for future work, the school cooperates with many leading companies in the electrical, electronic and IT industries.
In addition to educating future professional staff, which is the primary task of the school, it also cares for education in the spirit of patriotism. This is evidenced by the active participation of young people and teachers in the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of independence, which took place both inside and outside the school.