In Sevilla

By Piotr Bator

I can confidently say that I spent a wonderful time during the Erasmus project. Sevilla is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. In every free moment I tried to visit various monuments and fascinating buildings. I was happy to try a variety of regional dishes. In the meantime, I also liked to learn about the culture of Spain. During my stay, I met many interesting people from around the world who could also be in this city through participation in the Erasmus project.

 The school I had the pleasure of attending has a high level of education. Additionally, it is equipped with numerous equipment in the field of telecommunications, electronics, IT etc.

 As part of the didactic classes, each of us had to perform the installation of the Internet network together with the lead out of the switch to the Internet sockets in the cable trays. The task has been successfully completed. The effect is visible in the picture below.

A trip to Spain turned out to be an amazing experience that broadened my horizons. I think that each of us should experience something so wonderful.

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