CINEL is the Center for Vocational Training in the electronics, energy, telecommunications and information technology sector, based in Lisbon with a delegation in Porto, which is part of the network of the Institute for Employment and Vocational Education (IEFP, IP), the entity responsible for implementing employment and training policies vocational training in Portugal.

The headquarters of the center is located in Lisbon, Portugal. The Center was founded in the 1985 eye by protocol between IEFP, IP, the Portuguese Association of Entrepreneurs of the electrical and electronic industry (ANIMEE) and the Association for Competitiveness and Internationalization of LICA / AIP activities) with the aim of training in electronics, automation, robotics, renewable energy, telecommunications and computer science. The school in Lisbon is equipped with 22 specialized laboratories with the latest technology. Cinel is APCER certified in the field of quality of NP EP ISO 9001: 2008 and many others, eg: EPLAN- design engineering, CISCO-networks, Microsoft IT.

CINEL is an entity with legal personality under public law, non-profit, having administrative and financial autonomy and own assets.

CINEL works in the field of vocational education of youth and adults through the development of courses in all training modes and its motto: “technology and future in one center” reflects high standards of teaching quality.

CINEL has 50 employees employed as teachers and educators. Most of them have a university degree, but there are also profession teachers with technical and engineering education in the institution.

Number of students, including professional courses: 3022

CINEL as a modern Technology Center has extensive experience in the field of new technologies available in a dynamically developing market, developing skills and improving the qualifications of employees in the following professions: IT, electronics or energy. CINEL is characterized by cooperation in the implementation of numerous projects, including the Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus + programs as a partner organization of many European countries, eg Finland or Poland.

CINEL’s cooperation with the Electrical Schools Team was created on the basis of the Erasmus + KA1 project number 2016-1-PL01-KA102-024043, whose aim was to organize apprenticeships for students of our school. As an experienced and reliable institution of vocational training, CINEL is a competent partner to create a partnership of vocational schools, based on the exchange of experience and working methods.

Raúl Cordeiro

Diretor Adjunto

Unidade de Formação

Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria Electrónica, Energia, Telecomunicações e Tecnologias da Informação

Pólo de Educação e Formação D. João de Castro
Rua Jau (Alto de Santo Amaro)
1300-312 Lisboa – Portugal
Telefone: +351 214967700 | Fax:+351 214990767

Delegação do Porto
R. de S. Rosendo 377
4300-478 Porto – Portugal
Telefone:+351 225363210 | Fax:+351 225362487