HORIZONTAL priority: Development of relevant skills and competences at a high level.

Priority 1: VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Developing institutional partnerships to support the creation and implementation of internationalization strategies for apprentices and learners within vocational education and training

Priority 2: VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Improving key competences in the field of vocational education and training

General description of the project:

Partnership cooperation project of the Electrical Schools Complex in Kielce with the following schools: Colegio Salesiano Santísima Trinidad from Seville in Spain and CINEL – Centro de Formação Profissional da Industria Eletronica, Energia, Telecomunicações, e Tecnologias de Informação from Lisbon in Portugal and the training company IBD Solutions Limited from Portsmouth in England was based on an analysis of needs in the form of a survey conducted among teachers of the occupation in ZSE in Kielce. In the 2017/2018 school year, an external company was also audited in this school, the conclusions of which were also taken into account when planning the project.

The effects of the school’s work are measured, among others, by the passing of the matura exams and professional examinations. As far as general subjects are concerned, the situation at school is quite good, as evidenced by the high pass rate of the Matura exam. In the ranking of schools in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, the Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych has been in the forefront for many years. However, the pass rate of professional examinations leaves much to be desired. Many students take these exams in revision sessions, or can not pass them at all. Since the task of the school is to prepare students for work in a given profession, there is a need to improve the quality of vocational education in order to achieve better results in preparing students for a future occupation. The aim of the project is to develop cooperation with vocational schools in Spain and Portugal, to exchange experiences and methods of teaching specific professions and cooperation in the field of professional internships for students of our school and students of partner schools.

Project activities:

To this end, it is planned to:

1 to create a training online platform where teachers of professional subjects will share their teaching experience.

2. Developing school partnerships through training workshops for teachers who train in the profession in all partner institutions, where teachers will have the opportunity to observe lessons taught by their foreign colleagues and train their own skills.

3. improvement of language skills of teachers of the profession from Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych in Kielce in England will contribute to the project an additional dimension when it comes to communicating in English on a daily basis, and the lack of such skills was indicated by the teachers in the analysis of needs.

4. students of the aforementioned schools, of which several-person delegations will take part in classes conducted in partner schools

5. on-line training webinars. (in the second year of the project)

In each school year, in other words, in the school year 2018/2019 and in 2019/2020, each meeting school will host one meeting during which the host school will present its own programs, working methods and show off its original ideas regarding teaching the profession. Teachers from partner schools participating in the meeting will observe lessons conducted by their foreign colleagues. Then the conclusions, lesson plans and observations will be placed on the common training online platform, so that they can be used by other partner school teachers who do not take part in a given visit. In parallel with the visit of teachers to the partner school will go several students who will participate in lessons in classes with a teaching profile consistent with their field of study. They will also post their findings on the online platform.