Lisbon reviews October 2020

A very positive experience of our mobility has been the practices carried out in the CINEL workshop with fiber optics

By David Cabello Macias

In Portugal during a cultural program we enjoyed  a city as wonderful as Lisbon. None of us had been here before.

By Alejandro Moreno Ale

It was impressive to go to Fatima where we shared some unforgettable moments with our Polish colleagues

By Jorge García Romero

Apart from the technical and cultural aspects of mobility, it is always important to share moments with teachers

By Francisco Manuel García

During these two years, I have told you that it has been a pleasure working with the Portuguese coordinator Raúl and the Polish coordinator Bozena in a project.

By Francisco Manuel García

My memories of the visit to Lisbon

Lisbon as usually welcomed us with sun, beautiful views and friendly people.

But this time it looked a little different as there were no crowds of tourists waiting to take photos in front of well-known monuments, or dining in the main streets of the centre. And although we normally complain of crowds, it made me sad. But what impressed me most was the trip to Cabo da Roca and Boca do Inferno  – in spite of quite a good weather for this time of year, the waves were huge, crashing against the rocks they presented the power of nature and made me wonder how little we are in the face of their might.


Erasmus+ w Portugalii!

W dniach od 24.11.2020 do 29.11.2020 odbyła się kolejna wizyta uczniów i nauczycieli naszej szkoły w centrum szkoleniowym CINEL w Lizbonie. W wizycie brali też udział nauczyciele i uczniowie z zaprzyjaźnionej  szkoły Salesianos Santisima Tynidad z Sewilli (Hiszpania). Wyjazd został przeprowadzony z zachowaniem wszelkich środków ostrożności związanych z ogólnoświatową pandemią COVID-19. Program został przystosowany do  restrykcyjnych zasad panujących podczas pandemii: cały czas uczniowie i nauczyciele musieli zachowywać dystans społeczny oraz nosić maseczki na wszystkich zajęciach oraz podczas wycieczek kulturowych. Część zajęć (np. pokaz budowy dronow) odbywała się na świeżym powietrzu. W salach lekcyjnych obowiązywał limit osób przebywających w klasie. Mimo tych obostrzeń wyjazd był bardzo udany, oprócz zajęć w centrum szkoleniowymm zwiedziliśmy Fatimę, Tomar, Cabo de Roca i Cascais. Niezapomnianych wrażeń dostarczyły nam popołudniowe  włóczęgi po dzielnicach Lizbony oraz zwiedzanie słynnych miejsc, takich jak: dzielnice Belem, Oriente, Alfama oraz place i zabytki w centrum miasta. Wyjazd do Portugalii na pewno zostanie nam na długo w pamięci.

The first online lesson

The first online, long-distance lesson between students from three countries: Spain, Poland and Portugal took place on March 6, 2020.

The goal of the lesson was to expand cooperation online between regular students and teachers of three educational institutions: CINEL (Lisbon), Salesianos Santisima Trinidad (Seville) and Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych (Kielce). 

The lesson was led by a Polish vocational subjects teacher Zbigniew Zimierski. The subject was: The first program in C language on AVR.  About 60 students of electronics and IT profiles from three countries participated in the lesson. The lesson was observed by other teachers and directors from  above institutions.

We all hope for deeper cooperation in future.

In Portsmouth.

By Elżbieta Miszczyk

During the winter holiday I was in England. I studied English at the course in Portsmouth. In my free time I and my friends walked on the stony beach.
We also visited Spinnaker Tower, house and statue of Dickens.

On Saturday we visited London. We saw Buckingham Palace, London Eye and Tower Bridge.
I have never been to England before. I had a wonderful time.

Two lovely weeks in Portsmouth.

By Nowak Katarzyna

It was my first time in England. Portsmouth is one of the best places to spend time in England. I loved the beautiful houses and other buildings in that city because they often have blue doors or windows, like in the song of  Eiffel 65 – Blue: „…Blue his house with a blue little window and a blue corvette and everything is blue…”. This is absolutely my favourite colour. After the classes we would go to the beach to stroll. One day we visited the Spinnaker Tower and admired the view from the top. English food is very good. I enjoyed English cuisine very much. I tasted fish and chips, traditional english breakfast and a jacket potato with five bean chili. I also tried tea with milk. It’s a surprisingly delicious beverage.

On Saturday we visited London. This city is beautiful as well. I have a pretty strong fear of heights but since we only live once I had to take a ride on the London Eye. It was worth it. We also saw the Tower Bridge and the Buckingham Palace. It was a very nice day. 

To sum up, this trip was of great importance to me. English people are lovely and helpful and I love them for it.It was a great experience, which I will never forget.